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To have your photos posted, send and e-mail to madura at with your photo as an attachment. Be sure to include your name, city/state, e-mail address and your Madura story with your e-mail to ensure that it will get posted.
Bernie Richard
(8-1-04) I just got my bike license and was looking in classifieds for a bike. I found and ad for a Madura 700. I thought it was a printing mistake because I never heard of Madura before. I went to look at it and it was the coolest bike I had ever seen, [so] I bought it.

To certify it I had to fix the horn. I repainted tank and covers and replaced foot peg rubbers. I got them at Power Cycle in Windsor. They can get quite a few N.O.S Madura parts there.

I am the second owner and it was always stored inside. It is a fun bike to ride but a little squirrelly in a stiff cross wind. This site is great. I got my part numbers here so ordering parts is a breeze. The [photo] is after I painted it.

Bernie Richard, Essex, Ontario Canada

Ric Smith
(9-6-04) Here's a picture of my 700 I bought back in April of this year. Bought it with about 28,000 miles on it and with the exception of changing all the fluids and plugs, all I've had to do for the last 9,000 miles is hang on! (Which I wouldn't have been able to do without the help of this site...thanks everyone). I have made some cosmetic changes like added the windshield, put highway pegs on (which have since been changed again), tank bib for my smokes, move tail light and license to tip of fender to accomadate my sissy bar bag, and changed blinkers. Right now I've finished a ride to the Shenandoah Valley, another one down the Natchez trace and am looking forward to the next one. If you're near by and looking for someone to ride with... holler and we'll get together. I work a swing shift with a built in week off every month that I love to spend on the road. Thanks for looking, enjoy the trail and be careful!

Ric Smith, Essex, Harriman, TN

James Webb
(10-7-04) I just went outside and took this picture of my 1986 GV1200. I got it about a week ago with some cash for my 1992 Cadillac Sedan Deville. It's my first bike so I can use all the tips and advice a newbie can get. I have no experience with bikes so even something that slips most peoples minds because its common knowledge to them would be new information to me. The mileage is at 14,951 and I have the original Illinois State title from the original owner. Included is the "before" picture to show people now. Now I've just got to get an "after" picture. It might take a while. Fortunately I got one that appears to be in good mechanical condition. The left rear turn signal is broken and hanging, and the headlight/both turn signal assymbly is broken and also hanging. It appears the duct tape that was used to try to fix the hanging lights did all it could do. It must have been messed up for a while. Other than a rip or two in the seat and small cosmetic stuff thats all thats wrong with it. I couldn't be happier with what I ended up with after reading about some of the bikes people are trying to restore.

James Webb, Charleston SC

Yarim Ben-Hur
(10-21-04) Well, this is my 1985 GV700. I originally went to my motorcycle mechanic to fix a 1988 Kawasaki ex500 that I had. While I was there I saw a 1986 Black Honda Shadow. He was asking $1500 for it. I went home thinking "OK I'm gonna save up some money and buy it." A few days later, I called my mechanic to tell him that I wanted to test drive it, and if I liked it, I would buy it. Well, as fate would have it, by the time I called, it was already sold. My mechanic said that if I was interested, there was a 1985 Suzuki GV700 Madura with 40,000 miles for sale. He told me it was in good condition and if I was interested, he'd hold it for me to see it since he sold the other one. This was on a Saturday. Since I couldn't wait till Monday or Tuesday to go see it, I decided to research this motorcycle on the web. The helpful info I found was very little. Then all of a sudden the link for this wonderful, amazing website popped up. I clicked on it. I read all the reviews and input that was posted on the message boards. After 2 hours of reading and 30 minutes of thought I decided to buy it even though I had not even seen the Madura yet.

Well, when I got to the shop on Tuesday, I noticed that all that was missing was the seat. Turns out it was next door being reupholstered. I took the Madura for a test drive without the seat. The owner of the shop knows me real well so he didn't mind that I was gone for an hour. LMAO. When I came back, I immediately dropped $1400 on his desk and took the title. When I came back a few hours later, the seat was on and my new Madura was ready to be driven to her new home by her new owner. When we got home, I noticed that the control panel did not work and the right front turn signal/headlight bracket was broken. I pulled out my trusty JB WELD and the next day, reinstalled the bracket. She looks lovely and you can't see that it has been broken. As far as the control panel, I found extremely useful information here on the site and it was a very simple issue. All I had to do was re-crimp the lead orange power wire to the rest of them and presto, the control panel was working like a charm. I didn't even have to change the fluids on her because the mechanic felt bad that he sold the other one, so he did a complete fluid flush and changed all the oils for free!

That, my friends, is our Madura story. I will post more pics when I fully restore her to original condition. I have had help from Greg (GV700) and Ray (Raven). I hope to make it to Madura Mayhem in WV in June 2005. Hopefully I will get to meet them personally, and personally thank them for their help. Right now I ask for help, but one day I will provide answers.

On a serious note, I would like to extend my Hope and Prayers to Bob and Sherry, even though I never met them. Bob is battling cancer right now and Raven is hosting a support group to provide financial help to them. Please be kind and ask Raven how you can participate. It is a great cause and is greatly appreciated. I hope to meet Bob and Sherry at Madura Mayhem 2005. From what I gather, they are wonderful people.

Ride Safe, Ride Proud, and Please Be Careful out there!
Yarim Ben-Hur -- North Miami Beach, Florida
Rob (Disorganized)
(11-4-04) Hi, my name is Rob , and I'm from Holland (the Netherlands). I just just bought this 1985 Susuki V700 Madura in October. I bought it with 68.000km on the Clock, and after replacing a new battery it it runs like Hell! This is my first bike and I have to admit that I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. When I heard the engine for the first my heart was tikking a little bit faster, I never heard about them or even saw one... when I was checking some information about the bike, I came on your site and I can tell ya: I'm already a litle bit wiser about these bikes, Thanx to you guys!! Appreciate it.

[added 12-15-04]: I saw a lot of bikes but they were or to expensive or to regular... then I saw a Madura on the internet for sale and it got my attention as soon as I saw the picture of it. Wow... it looked in good condition but you never know how old the picture is so I made an appointment. When I went there, the bike was standing outside for showing off: a Red V700, it looked good to me, and I had a little crush on it as soon as I saw it in real life! The moment that he started up the engine was very exiting, and yes the crush became for real... After a little spin I was sold and one hour later I was owner, and drove her to my home with a big, big smile.

I noticed that I had to replace the back tire and fill it up a little bit. The oil, they said, was never a problem because they never had trouble with it. Then a little horror moment. The next day, I drove a while and suddenly it just stopped! Very strange, lights were on, enough gasoline, but no start motor sound... battery, I thought. I went to a store nearby and bought a yuasa, these should be good they said. Not only the battery but also a charger I bought and went home. And yes, the little heart of the engine started to roam again!

I have to say, it runs like a clock! A mechanic checked her, and said I made a good deal. I bought it for 1000 Euro, and after the tire and the battery, I got it running for about 1200 Euro! It has 68000 Km on the clock, I dont know if thats a lot, but if you read the forums, I think I gonna have some good ol fun years with her !!! Well [that's] my little Madura "crush" story this summer. I hope to see any of you in the future!

Live to Ride,

Rob ( Disorganized ), Holland, Netherlands
Gilbert Pomerleau
(11-18-04) First of all, pardon me for my bad English! (I'm a poor French Canadian!) When I'm buy my Madura in 2001 the color was brown with grey stripes!? You know, I'll choose this bike for the model and not for the color! In the first summer I ride with this color and check it out all the mechanic and the road behavior before painting. All it was great! In the next spring I painted in green and design the flames stripes myself (I'm a graphic designer) I received a lots of congratulations (and I am so happy of it!) My seat was modified for more comfort for me and my passenger. It was my 9th motorcycle and it was my favorite. The photo was taken at Ste-Falvie, Québec in summer 2004. I made a trip alone with my Madura and I really like it and I would like to do it again in summer 2005. I wish it for all who read this text! Be happy!

Gilbert Pomerleau, Saint-Damien, Québec, Canada

Tom Keckes
(12-4-04) This is my 1985 Canadian grey, gold spoked 1200 Madura. This is my first bike and I chose a great one. Other than wondering when I'm going to run out of gas she is a pleasure to ride. Never do I wonder whether I have enough power to make a [mountain] pass or cruise up a hill. Every trip is a new adventure and I learn more about her.

She has been a tough girl to love. I bought her in Quebec knowing there were problems with the motor. She'd run but had coolant seeping in the oil and then the water pump which was the culprit gave out. Knowing parts would be a problem I bought a motor that had been attached to a swamp buggy with only 5000 km on it. The swamp buggy never ran much because the motor would pretty much spin the tires right off the buggy. With the motor came exhaust, all electrical and the orginal manual. So I swapped motors, thanks to the guys at Collins Cycle in Barrie, Ont., and then proceeded to drop it on its side on the trailer going home. New paint job on the gas tank (thanks Ray for the decals) valve cover gasket for a leak that showed up and a little JB weld on a hair line crack in the front valve cover. By the end of the summer I was ready to ride problem free. Like I said tough love but this bike is worth it.

This website is great and thank you to all the guys who were so open to helping me with the bike. I look forward to cruisin her down to a Mayhem soon.

Take Care,

Tom Keckes, Angus, Ontario, Canada
(1-21-05) My first bike was this nice 1985 Madura 700. I got it when I was 45 years old. My son wanted a motorcycle when he was 16. I told him he had to get all As and Bs on his report card which he had never done in his life. Well it was a motivator and he got all As on his next report card. I told him that I would get him a bike but he had to go to the Motorcycle Foundation Safety Class. I said I would go with him. My wife knew then, as she later told me, that there would be two motorcycles in the garage after we took the class. Well as always the woman was right. I bought this 1985 Madura 700 out of the crate in 1990. I have stored it inside for 15 years. It has 25,000 miles. It has only been down once going around a corner and that was 2 weeks after I got it! I love my Madura and hope to ride to West Virgina this year.

Wayne, KroppFairfield Bay, Arkansas
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